Yeah having exam now...
more 2 week i ll going to back my lovely Klang
i miss u~~~
foods, friends, n everything n everything
dis holiday ll b lasting for two month
haiz im POOR now
got to get a job to save my lifes
dis final exam ar de heart keep thinking 1na go back
n tell my myself
left last year i jz need 2 pass dis year
i finally ll finish and stop study from tat time on
i leave de study life
n i ll hav my new life busy with working
wat it ll b?
n izzit i ll nvr b single anymore
where is him?
jz now ccj ask me go find 1 bf laa
lol i feel wordless...
im thinking wat 2 do wit bf
hurt u or love u?
anything...it jz future
nobody can estimate wat our future
jz do wat u lik n wish to
ops...SS(shocked sendiri)
c my title is war laa but i look lik so happy
feeling excited rite now
i 1na go back i 1na go back n i 1na go back!!!!
tat jz my wish rite now
faster pass laa
i hate to look at dis environment
bcos nowaday dun hav water supply at certain time
too bad!!!
n damn hot...n i 1 delicious food rite now
im swallowing maggie
OMG bought too much need 2 finish it b4 i go back
bcos i going to shift room again
haiz troublesome
dis sem i duno i ll get wat result
i think i nvr care it anymore
bcos it means ntg
first class n second upper is jz a degree
v need 2 expose ourself to every corner to de world
to enhance our knowledge
i need knowledge~~~~
i noe i jz noe a little thing
i ll try my best to involve myself
2day felt tired keep sleep when my brain is blank
i hate HRM....i think is bcos the lecturer
others subject i ll try my best to score
but HRM not...bcos she is so unfair to giv me so low mark
nobody ask me question in presentation
bcos of ur sincerely moody look
hope i wont die hard in HRM
i noe it easy but i got no MOOD
wow 2day typing so long blog
hehe means i got many thing to share laa
haiz feel sleepy again
z z z z z z z z z
oh a little thing share here...
watch dis...even i not really interested bout to JAY
but i think dis is wat his achievement rite now
who else duno who is JAY CHOW
ok sign off 2day
good luck to everyone who having exam rite now =)
g9 n bye!~~~

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