for VERONE~~

Finally i can read on ur blog...
seems so long time ur blog is closed...
sincerely...i read every single blog fr u
i feel to hug u tight
i noe i really understand wat u means all of tat
i ever been tat b4 lik tat....
i noe its suffer to forgive or forget sumone tat u love
in the reality....
a man who ever mention "break up"
they ll nvr come bac to u!!! is never!!!
wat for u going to get hurt by the same guy repeated
is hard to let go for this few month or years...
but time really ll prove everything
at last u ll thank him tat let u go
bcos he cannot giv u anything tat u wish to
n at last u ll found somebody who really care 4 u
n not alwys tat u follow him or order by him
everything is shared by both of u
thus dis is wat v call LOVE
love sumbody u wish to giv him everything
love sumbody u wish to share everything wit him
love sumbody there wont hav tears n jz hav smile
love sumbody he ll nvr try to hurt u
giving promise for sum1 is jz a bullshit
nvr ever to promise if u guy nvr do so...
i hop u can c dis blog....
n 2day is my heart really heavy to heard all of tat
nvr ever to let him hurt u again plz my dear
u r stil young...
there stil a lot of joy n fun outside there
he jz only a part of ur life
a passenger tat u noe him well but he nvr appreciate u
bless u~~~
take carezzz n b strong!!!
v ll alwys beside u
holding u....
supporting u....
n love u too!!!
cheer up~~~ muacksss =)

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