♥ sweet home ♥

yea finally 26th november reach
n i went back to KLANG again....
at first really 1na say million thanks to fanny n her sister
hehe thank you for fetch me go airport!!
muacks love u so much XD

10.30pm, reached KLIA
but den wait luggage for too long time >.<
12am i finally reach my home
after bath LOL
straight go to mamak stall yam cha
miss it a lot!!!

27th November, straight attend to
Tarrega Guitar House Annual Concert 2009 Rehearse
Even 2day is public holiday....
but i saw those parents bringing their child
sigh....im old enough hahaha
look at those child so cute hehe
the sleeping face...the naive questioning...
anyhow good job little child
*clap clap*

28th November, another rehearse again
going smooth 2day~~`
OMG i got to act sumthing stupiak
PINK LADY with the bomb bomb hair
yea its jz fun anyway....

29th November, is the concert looo
long time dint join performance
i feel very tired to stay there whole day
arghh panic abit in the performance......
finally finish...wuhuuuuu
the next is preparation for caroling....
xmas coming....dis year ll hav a surprise one??
i wish to.......

30th November, go practice caroling
afternoon back to home....
teacher's kids come to my house
crazy playing computer ahahaa
i think my grandma love children sound
so she keep smiling.....not mumbling LOL
of course i think she also miss her grandchild
sigh who noes how hard of her.....

1st December.....
so fast is the last month for year 2009
short period of holiday
hope can done many thing....
final year project report
presentation slide
industry training.....
arghhh crazy man...
which company which company
afraid n no idea!!!
just let it.........

2nd December, meet my mouse XD
n watch 2012
the whole day b wit him also n his fren
2012 its too long le...
but the story line is so gan jiong...
all cannot go toilet ahahahaa
n cold lik hell LOL
after tat v having our dinner
at mc Donald....
lol a funny girl asking me
"can i ask u a very serious problem?!"
" Y u r so quiet?"
i straight forward wordless....
OMG y got such person.....
make all ppl laughing when having dinner
after tat walk around JJ den heading to "In n Out Cafe"
then our journey ends 2day....

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