Nostalgia Night 2010 - Farewell Party


Time flies....
left 30+ day my study life will be ended...
recall back for last year...

i attended this party night for the previous year...

anyway this year the place we having our prom night

it is better than previous one....

deng deng...the first time go TIARA Resort

nice place~~~

of course the pretty ladies will tidy up ourself nicely

haha of course i included~~~

show some picture later on...

what to say...
deep inside my heart
when looking the picture slide
that junior prepare 4 us

many scene flows up in my mind

i have been study alone far away from my hometown for 3 years
its time to back my place again

even though the memories here doesn't so memorable

but we ever pass our 3 years life here--LABUAN
we being force to stay here without normal water supply for year

and v being go travel around with friend

and the first time i got my roommate
sharing my life....
learning how to be tolerate with each others

knowing many types of people in every junction LOL!
how their attitude, their thinking and many many more...

university life suppose to be
enjoyable and crazy
but i think i nvr explore myself to the freedom life here
maybe theres many thing happen withing these year

and now everything pass

and NG SHY WEI are back to the nature~~~

people outside there.....

do you enjoy ur life?

I DO!!! i HEART my life!!!

appreciate and be tough to go through outside world again!!

all the best to you!!!

my look for the days...muahaha i love this picture bcos seems lik very pretty =p

my sista~~

act cute with princess lulu LOL :p

the beautiful girl....agree?! =)