the 152th post

Wee...I am back to my bloggie again...

what should i share now?

Recently so far so good...
have a permenant job
have my healthy life
have my home sweet home
of course and my him~

however i felt the problem coming very soon...
no idea to solve it...
this is because of those stupid thinking..
21st century who cares so much...
everytime traditional and culture...
poke here poke there...
i don't wish to stand anymore on that please
what i wish to say

the relationship between you and him
is how both of you going to contribute
not always just listen to those predictor
harlo...there have no one can predict your own future
we still try our best!!!
to prove and to be learn too...

and here...i saw another past of me..
i200% know the feeling that being so stupid there
as long as you know the friends beside you stil care about you
and yeap of course you are stil young...
no matter how begging someone come back to you
its a dumb decision
just go through someday you will realize that
without him you are still so freedom n wonderful
good luck for you my dear...
time will prove that everything happenning
what its call L.I.F.E

love your life...love yourself!!

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