Wow back to Klang again...dis holiday ll b lasting 4 for 2 month loo...
haha mid night ntg do den jz finish drink a cup of green coffee
stil awake n snapping picture in the room
time passing fast...means im 3rd year now...
my last year for study
i ll nvr study again if it allow
start to plan for the future..
anyway hope it ll b fine later..

erm last few day im quite down
mayb i heard some1 talking bad word behind me
n im totally not tat type of ppl
haiz i cant do anything
jz let it be...
i no need to care how ppl look at me
dun ever challenge me if r not my opponent
i nvr take my result to show off
if i do so i ll show u i ll get 4.0
but im not OK
n plz laa dun ever say me im arrogant
c u all stupid's face
isnt show any respond to me???
n giv urself to think
mayb im quiet all the time
but i use my eyes n heart to feel it
u all totally is jz a wild animal
in front girl a face n in front guy another stupid face
wat for u all being so good to guy?
bcos u all r too horny
im sorry to say so but dis is wat i feel
i friend or dun friend also not ur business
u all jz a passenger in my life
i not need to look at ur face to go through my life
tat me!! who m I
im civy laa...alwys de person who walk alone in campus
n alwys keep quiet n arrogant to u all
n plz if u feel not satisfied or anything
straight to the point n point out me
not at backside say den in front lik a shit
wahahaha devil face showing out
bcos im really hate all of de girl in my course
all is LAME CHOP

im happy wit my life
n nvr interrupts me
dun bother it
i should enjoy my 2 month holiday now
n everything ll b pass
i ll having a new life in de coming days

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