another busy week~~

Oh finally its time to update my blog here~~

Hehe sorry im very busy for the last whole week

3rd year study really is so tired

Full with presentation and assignment

Finally majority has pass

Its time to start my revision

Screw and score good results

God bless me!!

I ll try harder dis sem

Quite satisfied with my presentation

N the important point is

I nvr feel nervous when presenting

Hope next sem I ll same as this presentation

As smooth with no problems questioning by examiner~~

Yea ^^

Thursday (15/11/09)

My dear senior roommate ----catherine visit me again in Labuan

So happy to b with her

The day after class

I go airport fetch her

After that v have our seafood dinner

Tat day ate many thing le


Crazy yea!!! XD

Tat day v “ma pou” n talking the whole night

Oh yea that night had blackout near 5 hours

Luckily dint feel so hot….

If not feel so sorry to her~~~

Friday having my last ICF lecture class 4 dis sem

Wow I wish to escape fr this…is the time now!!!

Back to the lonely night again

The whole day feel tired, sleepy n moody

Dun feel to talk....=/

Saturday my roommate come back to me again

Haha den v go town have our pizza..

V go avon oh no spend many again

After finish bought those chocolate

V go pack KFC back hostel n

LOL buy some beer back hostel

Aiks nobody can drink wit me besides her

So siennzz to have the current one

Childish, boring, alwys act pro n irritated!!!

After tat v chit chat a lot again

Then she talked until asleep -__-

Sunday morning…

I awake her again

Bcos she gonna back to kk again

Im so stupid le…I asleep ady after she wake up

Sorry my dear Catherine

Its really happy to be with u!!!

But I noe there ll dun hav any chance again

I ll nvr 4get this few day~~

Miss u a lot =))

happy moment pass so fast!!! its time to screw to final

after final i ll b back again to klang

excited >.<


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