I gonna used to be alone from now on.....

OOhh finally i know what's happen.....
i got no idea with our previous relationship
maybe we just feel lonely
and we are just needs somebody to accompany
yes i think i just can say so....
quite down for this few days...
duno who to tell and share this
i know it very early that we cannot be together
but im bad enough
what i don't get i will never give up sometimes
yes the part of devil of me.....
i have to pretend as an angel in front of you?!
i do so.....do you know you already hurt me
what such of nonsense you tell me previously
its a joke!!! i should never trust on what guy told me
sincerely i never want to trust guy
no idea with why or what happen
is im really fed up with what you guys told me
n FFK or anything else....
the girl...maybe i know who are she....
for me if you can't do anything
please never give people hopes or promise
you are fooling people around because of
he LAM you arr....
shit girl!! you are cheap enough then....
ops i don't want to blame anyone on this
but i really feel that i wanna tell you about this
u being fool!! JC please awake from your dreams
or you may just wait until she married LOL!!
okay enough on that......
i suppose to be alone same as the year before
im really used to be alone with
never step to people's land when you cant giv her anything!!!

OKIE!! share some warmness moments...
last few days, my phone balance never use more than RM15
lol to make sure i don't pay extra to digi
i ring to home.....for no reason
i cooking porridge with grandma
i think she really happy with we call back home
because mayb she bored everyday
when we are not beside her for schooling time
talk a lot of home stuff....
and she always told me
you must choose bf carefully....
lol!! maybe i always went out with those guy they never know
and they do know mr.lee very well for last few years
mentioned about him
no idea with that....
i got such a long time never see him or even chat with him
maybe he is in a process into another relationship
who knows.....
however im satisfied with what i had now
even im the single lady
but i got concern from my dear family members
n also my friends
yes few more days to go
my dearest friend and superb friend back again in Malaysia
when im frustrated, happy or stressed
i may find him....
and i wanna learn to bake a lot of cookies and cakes
yahoooo....monkey is back!!
elephant wish her faster back too!!!
i want to be with you all
every single moments.............
muacks love all of you but not those people that hurt me
next week is my big days again.........
wish i can do well in my final year presentation!!!
not the best but i will try my best!!!
ouch and also i can done all the assignment before i enjoy my CNY's holiday
n study for my software engineering QUIZ too....
wooohooooo :p

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