bad luck bad luck

why bad luck always come to me now..
broke im broke!!!!!!!!!!!
stupid mas operators!!!
wat a very expensive experience!!!!!!!
i really duno why they can do so to cancel my flight
walao i ady reserve my place doesn't means i go the right now meh >.<
i cant be happy with wat had happen nowaday
wat can cheer me
i also duno.......
im really fucking tired with all of that!!!!
good luck please back to me
bless me after this.....
i dunwan to lost any money again
haiz tot can pass this last sem without so much maggie life
now i think i have to do so!!!!!!!
hate it hate it!!!!!
i need a job
i need money
i need freedom
i need happy
fucking pressssuurree!!!!!!! can i scream whole day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Kai Ganguro said...

hey hey! sorry to hear MAS cancelled your flight! that's why i always try to fly SIA! haha!

anyway they should return your money since they cancelled your flight. and you should buy travel insurance next time. the insurance will cover the cost for you.

i suggest you call MAS and lodge a complain. complain until they return your money.