Sorry, XXMXN

how many years i noe u?
i noe you near 7 or 8 years....
the problems is always surrounding us within these years
i really noe wat u means to me
i really noe how much u care for me
n i noe how much u done for me
n i am the one who always just accept and accept
n i refuse refuse n refuse
now i escape n escape
wth im doing now
the first time
my heart pain until i can't breath for you
the first time
my tears turning around my eyes but not dropped
the first time
i keep thinking on you
what u are going to do when i tell u
i noe im caring you...but not loves
maybe im too understand what r u thinking
maybe v are too understand with each others
i just wanna b fair to you
i dunwan to cheat you that
yes im not really nvr think to giv a chance for us
i agree with wat others tell me too...
n i feel very warm when u tell me everything n everything
i feel sweet when reading all ur message sumtimes
but i duno wat the heck happen with me
why im so stupid that i cannot choose you?!
so many ppl want you but you dun care
n u being choosen a person tat always hurting u....
i really never ever wanna hurt u
but i always do so............
why u r not others.......
i wish u r others but not u..........
if u r others how good is tat
finally i understand the pain.....
pain until got no feeling ady
forgive me with my truth
forgive me with my naive
leave me alone
i should stay alone n alone
single cheersss......