Sunday Date

Sunday Date
it seems hard for us....

but we have the chances ;)
im so happy actually dear...
today is the day tat u not beside me again
but while u r sending me a lot of photo
tat i felt sumthing good tat lik u r beside me everytime
n wat i plan to do today is to update my dead blog
ops im very tired after my internship had started...
i got no time to update my blog
i stil rmb the night that i told u many stuff about HIM
i felt good with all that v can sharing tat so truly
hope it will b lasting tat v always n ever sharing
nothing important about the past
it jz some memorable moment
and also
today results is out...
OMG seems lik get a bad results ever for my study life
wish tat i can score a better grade in my internship
so tat i wont felt so sorry to myself again
and dear, thank you for cheering me up tonight
just to be with you!

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