3rd year begin~!

back so early for what?!
hate it...i suppose not to change my flight ticket
wth...back here got no water supply all the day
only at night
luckily i can hav a nice bath b4 i sleep
if not i gonna b crazy yaa
new life...new housemate n new roommate
bored man!!! wordless
i dun lik the life now
eventhough i got roommate but she alwys not in room
if catherine beside me how good is tat
v share many thing
eventhough tat time im single as now also
but i wont feel boring at all
now i gonna find a ppl talk to me also very hard
wth life rite now
hope next week start class im busy enough
n tired enough
n i sleep the whole day n night wont feel bored
n i 1na get back my streamyx ASAP
bcos i d pay tat for 2month without using wehhh
i hate my junior housemate
not bcos im selfish or wat
hey think of others laaa
early in the morning wash the clothes
make ppl 9am dun hav water use d
u got bring brain come or not
plz think of others
they also the same
swimming around in a same sea k
hope everything gone soon
i missss my holiday
even also boring but at least there stil sum1 can acc me
jz ring a call den yam cha
but here
suck laaaaa
faster past 3rd year den im graduate back to my lovely land again
okie can bath now the stupid fellow finish wash their stupid clothes
grhhh angry =/ =/ =/

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