oh no last week holiday in KLANG

JULY begin...
means i got to back to labuan again
sob sob
wat ll it b for dis new sem n new year
izzit everything ll change? or remain?
shy wei as wat in everyone in ur heart
mostly is an arrogant girl
i really try my best
im wordless to hear tat describe me
hey frenz who noe me
m i arrogant at all?!
i think im crazy enough weh...
who else would understand me how sad m I to heard tat
anyway i got ntg to show off to u all
im jz simple n normal as u all
desire wat u all wish to get
yes!! last year to stay at labuan
n last year to touch on study
dun said i ll regret after study
i noe tat but i really need a rest
im TIRED u noe...
read...study....jz to get a piece of degree paper
wat it would be after this year
don't i got to start planning?!
how could i get a car...camera...cash...no condo laa
haha XD
aiks actually im not in a good mood now weh
bcos of his words...
i feels hurt but i got no idea y im so hurt
mayb i wish he wont say this such word to me
or i start to care bout tat
arghh should be ntg
calm down n locked up myself
everything gonna passss n peace when im back to labuan
n i ll b continue wit my single life again
single single n single lady =p

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=SoRgUa-AyuMi= said...

Jus be urself la~ Dun bother wat others says bout you~ Ones who love you will noe ... Be happy ^^
Best wishes to you for the last study year!!!