bye everyone

later 5.30am got to leave my lovely land again
hmm i think i d used tat
mayb dun hav special one i cant bear
i stil rmb every single moment wit him at the airport
i miss tat kiss XD
a second kiss but including everything
aiks ok preparing mood to study after 2 month holiday
accept new roommate...i think ll b ok
bcos she is so special for me...
took a nice pic wit cousin
so warm n happy bcos he smile =)
i everyday hug him but i got to leave here
mayb next sem i back home he noe walk d
later mayb Mc-d wit Jim...
hope so laa but i start to feel sleepy lol
back there i got no water supply
arghhh 3 month
how can survive
i gonna crazy to plan wat to wear,eat n wash
underwear my frenz said plz buy paper 1
walao OMG crazy man!!!!
jz took a quiz at facebook
showed tat im 100% good wife laa
unbelievable if im so good y got ppl cannot trust on me
oklar show u the pic...
so nice yaaa ^^

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