Assignment Month~~ tangiable, horrible n vegetable XD

OH NO!!! last two month stil passing my life great
enjoy wit FB~~ DRAMA~~ MOVIE~~ MSN
but start from dis week
the NIGHTMARE begin~~~
actually im very sleepy now >.<
suppose 2day i got no class den i can hide in hostel the whole day
but bcos of some meeting
haiz i got to go sch...
weeeiiii really hate meeting wasting time loooo
aiks i got no comment
i got to do so~~bcos they r not my fren
i cannot jz refuse n do so -_-
here is my list of assignment
LIST: IM group, IFRM group, AFE group, IT group, IFRM individual, IT individual stil got 3 subject haven given @@ OMG izzit terrible.......................
hope i can settle all ASAP den i might enjoy my OCT...
stil got 13 week to back to my lovely land again
ouchh stil so long time 1??

ohh sumthing 1na share here...
those who r free...
u might go n watch this drama
BLACK&WHITE by taiwan actors...
at first i tot it jz a love story but
its a story regarding the bribery of a country by those top representative
quite nice!!! is dis movie drive me crazy
n i alwys sleep at the 5am morning -.-
i jz can giv 2 THUMB UP for this drama
its successful really!!! not bcos of the actor handsome enough
but its really saw tat every1 pay the most affect in their role

last few day jz playing webcam with him~~
so happy n so funny....
i really love the way v talk...
without any pressure...
hehe hope ur post ll b arrive very soon =)
its so warm to have you right in this moment....
missx u

okie~its time to cook!!!
GO!!! after done all the assignment
its time to hav a great MIRI TRIP~~~~
yea excited ^-^

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