AUGUST i got to hate u or appreciate u?!

y i say so...
one year b4 mayb i ll wishing sumthing special happen
but now i hope everything gonna stop
i start my love at this month somehow
i end it on this month too
not really tat i haven 4get bout it
but it ll bcome my memory 4ver
dun blame on me tat im really missing him
actually i really think b4
izzit i really so in love with him
but i jz can say im d used to b with him for the last 4 year
even how i d used wit single life for this 1 year
single not really bad actually
the most bad thing nobody sharing at the every moment
mayb i jz can express myself here
but i not really enjoy for this 1 year
i hope the next year i ll bcome a happy 1
mayb very soon ll get another him
haha not really
mayb im stil turning around n seeking the best 1
try to asking myself long lasting relationship izzit my target
not really...bcos i ever involve but i get hurt badly
i not really needed you anymore
u r jz my friend the person who noe me the most
its seems lik u wont going to share anything wit me anymore
jz stop our connection
i not really lik the relationship btw us for this year
u think tat u owing me?!
not really im tired to talk about tat
n plz next time when u found ur HER
plz make sure tat every promise u make is achievable
u make me damn disappointed actually
anyway u r the best passenger in my life
n i gain a lot of experience from u
n i learn a lot from u
thx 4 ur helping all the time when im confused or anything else
mayb u saw this or not
i jz to say ALL THE BEST for you for ur future
u can jz ignore me
im understanding bout u too much
lastly earlier wish u hav a happy birthday
say BYE to everything
this is the time i wait for you 1 year
not im stupid ok
muahahaa no need explain too much its jz over
GAME OVER for me and you (CL)


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