damnit, y i miss you

its a moody day again~~
bad luck~~ when a person in a bad luck
nvr got something good happen
dis is true!!!
hope 2moro ll b settle all the thing
i can start do my revision
i dun1 regret at last.....
many thing happen
i cant get print service with climb upstairs 3 time
tmnet n maybank haven solve my problem
while bathing i got scalded
i duno wat happen wit me~~~
God bless me plz
i miss him now laa how...
the first day he sleep so early dint acc me=.=
somehow i noe there ll b ntg happen
no miracle no hope
quite hurt to heard tat word
mayb the way i answering is too lousy
quite miss his voice after hang up the phone tat nitez
i lik the way v talk...u really make me feel hot keke
anyway good9 babe sweet dream muakz
i MISS you~~~

jz now hav a little cry...
i angry wit myself...
i envy to others...
i hope there is he besides me
i need a HUG, some CAREZ, n a little bit of LOVE

yes had create another new playlist hope u lik it

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