sem break

waa time really pass fast dis sem...
start from 2moro ll is my mid sem holiday looo
got many assignment to rush again
hope to done it fast dis sem ASAP
den got to start study hard
i cant get my first class anymore
but i muz get my dean list
test test test...
arghhh muz score it~~~~

2day is a his bday, i greet him
n i realize tat im not tat stubborn to it
i think time really prove everything
wish u hav a happy bday n great celebration~
all the best to you =)

last few day i really moody...damn it
i duno y she alwys do so...
jz now im taking nap after my dinner
LOL i noe ll b fat but im too tired man
but i got awake by her
aiks i got wordless
y u cannot close up the door
brushing sound is very very very very irritate
i really dun understand lo
dis few day i very early bath...
so she ll faster go bath also
WTF laaa
dis week holiday dun force me
if not u ll kena !@#$%^&*()
aiks really make my EQ turn down
plz think ppl's feeling le....

H A P P Y . H O L I D A Y ! ! !

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