i not wish to recall back anything
but then after the one year
i crying lik hell 2niteeee
there is no reason whyyyy
my tears drop again n again
mayb im strong in front of others
they ll nvr noe how hurt when u leave me
n abandon me just lik tat
n giv me the bull shit excuse
who r u?!!
i feel i really hate u
bcos of u break all the promise?!
bcos u dun face the truth?!
bcos of what can u tell me?!
can u tell me again wit a clearly stated situation
can u jz disappear fr my memories
2nite i being refuse him
bcos of you?
bcos of disappointed wit the words?
bcos of the passt??
I DUNNO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
struggling n frustrated!!!!!!!!!!!
u drive me crazy again
please stop ! dont appearin my life again
is lik wat i say
im the planner for the game
at the last i ll be the winner without YOU!!~~~
do u all understand
he is jz the EX-
plz nvr mentioned him in front of me again
i HATE you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i HATE youuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sorry ( ***** )
i know u care wit me now~~~
i know i needs ur care too
n i agree wit ur words jz now too!!
this is not the right time n right place
jz maintain what r v now
yet i ll step into the game after it totally clear
bcos i 1na b fair to u
dun 1na hurt anyone
as lik wat u giv me too
my heart stil in recovering
bcos its really break into the small pieces
where i got to stick it up slowly
i also wish tat i can celebrate birthday wit u
its a special day too
but i cannot make it
wait for me!!!
pull me up from the HELLLL


H@r@ tSuB@s@ said...

aiyo...sad apa...i sapu bagi dia pergi holland.......no heart de dun need to think again de....

SoRguAaYuMi said...

yaya.... together we sapu him go holland.... o go India b my kuli oso not bad.... wakakaka