I not really 1na say about him laa
jz i duno y everyone lik to talk him to me
i got no idea~~~
hey v d break up so long time
its jz a past n the history laaa
i rmb there r quite many ppl ask me about
" Why you would choose this type of guy as ur bf?"
HUH!!!!! izzit that u r too bad or??!
yesterday rich tauke say again
" pretty girl like u y like to dump boy ....."
ps:i dint admit im pretty girl laa hahaha is they say so....(muahahha)
at that time i really got wordless
WHAT!!!! everyone is disagree that im wit u for the last few years
jz saw a MV sing by 张敬轩 HURT SO BAD
the girl talk one phrase....
i think tats correct....
mayb everyone is jz the outsider
no one ll really understand about you
i jz can say so~~
however.....its jz past tense
hehe i ll b here bless for u
u arent dump boy for me~~~
*有时想想这个问题还真的有点暗爽,因为大家都说你不配LOL*(devil face)

yesterday got quiz~~~hehe do until quite happy
bcos quite easy hope i can score 30/30 n get full mark 20%
den i got an A hope for dis sem....
okie its time to do my assignment again after rest for sum day
GAMBATE!!! holiday coming soon.....
wahahaa got so many holiday lee.... XD

OH yaa yesterday called back home~~~
its so sweet~~~ the home is the safety n warm place 4 me 4eve!!!
i love everyone!!!!!!!!!! muacks

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