everyone is back but me......

arghhh looking on everyone back home
but me...got to stay at labuan
hiding inside the room
looking at stupid assignment
hate it!!!!!
i hate my minor course assignment
y should follow the name list
y should the lecturer help their race
y should v accept of this such unfair treat
haizzz....i jz can b patient
jz 1 more sem tehn everything ll b end!!!
i wish i can bac home =/
even not really very miss home....
but the life here really suck
got to pretend as another person
got to b hardworking
got to b facing the walls when in boring
no shopping no movie
even window shopping i really enjoy too hehe
hope there is sumthing special n unpredictable
as lik wat jim told me yesterday....
sumone gonna giv me surprise n unpredictable?
but the location i dun wish to go....
goat ll nvr fall into the tiger mouth easily hahaha
n isnt that got ppl waiting u is a good chance
y should wait but not jz go ahead
i prefer go ahead.....jz do followed by heart....
lol 2day i not really got mood to chat wit him
mayb im tired...im stress about on the ERD quite complicated man!!
looking on " secret diary of a call girl"
prostitute also hav their own life the isnt wanna do so sumtimes
its interesting to look on those customer y they need sex
ahaaa but if u r not really 18 dun watch it
i got no idea on those guy who interest on girl is jz bcos of sex
jz f*ck off from my life if u are!!!
its time to hit to bed
2moro got to go town....wish not to spend much hehe
GOD BLESS ME!! if not i ll broke muahaha

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